Over 20 studies have linked 

Ovarian Cancer to long-term

talcum powder use

Jury Says: Talcum Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer

The attorneys at Marlin & Saltzman are currently investigating cases nationwide against the companies responsible for producing talcum powder, more commonly known as baby powder.


Numerous scientific studies have linked ongoing talcum powder use to an ovarian cancer diagnosis. These studies have shown that companies have been aware of the risk of prolonged exposure to talcum powder since the 1970s. To date, there have been five successful verdicts against the responsible pharmaceutical companies.


Women nationwide are filing lawsuits against the companies responsible for producing baby powder. As of May 2017, there have been four verdicts in favor of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Compensation may be available for qualified victims if you:

  • Used talcum/baby powder in the genital region for five or more years
  • Received an ovarian cancer diagnosis after 2000

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